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Class Procedures

Q & A

What to expect before your class:

  • Preregistration not required

  • Show up 10 - 15 minutes before class to fill out waiver

  • Arrive with plenty of time to find parking and introduce yourself to your teacher.  Getting Here.  We are in Old Town Battle Ground surrounded by vintage shops and across from Barrel Mt. Brewery (which has locally sourced amazing food!) Click Here for Directions

  • If you show up after class has started and the door is closed, please wait until after the breath centering portion (5 minutes) and teacher will invite you in

  • Please turn off cell phones, etc. and take shoes off before entering the movement space

What to expect during a class:

1. Settling in with focus work and breath awareness

2. Warming the body with light stretching

3. Standing poses to build strength

4. Cool down, stretching

5. Integration, final relaxation

General class outline and may differ depending on class.  This is your Yoga, please listen to your needs, if you need more or less, respond appropriately!

After Class: 

The first of the five Niyamas, the practices of yoga, is saucha {purity or cleanliness}. External cleanliness refers to both the physical body and environment.  Help us keep the studio tidy and ready for your next practice.  Spritz a clean towel, then wipe your mat down post-practice. Put away all props neatly and where you found them respecting and honoring our shared space.​

What should I bring?

We have yoga props, yoga mats, water, etc. for your convenience and encourage you to bring your own yoga mat if possible! 

What should I wear?

  • Please remove shoes before entering in the yoga room.  Yoga is traditionally practiced with bare feet to help us feel stability and connect directly with the ground or mat under our feet.  Removing shoes upon entering a studio or before stepping onto your yoga mat becomes a ritual. Oftentimes at a studio, removing your shoes is the last thing you do before entering the yoga room. This ritual helps to get you prepared to practice and indicates a shift in perspective.

  • Yoga: comfortable enough for you to breathe freely in, yet, not too baggy that your clothes will get in the way or ride up.

  • BARRE:  workout clothes, no shoes, bring water bottle (please no plastic)

Are classes beginner friendly?

Yes, all classes are beginner friendly...however, some classes, like Energizing flow will have more intensity.  No matter the class style or intensity, if you come with an open mind, and positive attitude, you will be just fine.  If you have specific physical concerns, please email Liz at for more assistance.

Teachers will offer modifications and a range of options for all students.  If you have injuries, let your teacher know or inquire about private lessons.

Can I eat before class?

1 -2 hours before yoga/BARRE or very light (nuts, fruit)

​Where to park?

The studio is street parking.  There are spots all around the area and on back roads and are just short walks to the studio.  Walking is good for you :)

What is the age requirement to begin classes?

Our studio group classes are for adults only or children 14 and up in the company of an adult. ​