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I recently was at True North Health clinic in northern California to detox and reset the health of my mind, body, and spirit through pure water fasting (although they provide other options such as clean eating detox, etc).  There were many there for varying reasons such as high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, and more in the hopes to finding a better long term alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. 


I wasn't expecting all the informative lectures and cooking classes (3 options daily) as well as daily monitoring of my glucose, blood pressure, weekly urine samples, etc.  The care was top notch and the doctors were so passionate about the work True North Health are providing. 


The main concepts were so simple:  eat well, exercise and get quality sleep.  They have also gone above and beyond by offering True North Health TV where you can find lectures, participate in Q&A with doctors, and receive support for any of your health goals.

I am adding some trailers and videos to help you on your health and wellness journey. 

For me, I have found immense changes in the way I feel, the way my body has responded, and the clarity in mind.

I also want to offer that this is just one way, or one perspective towards optimal health. 

Like all else, you have to discern for yourself.

What the Health Trailer

What the Health is the groundbreaking follow-up film from the creators of the award-winning documentary Cowspiracy. The film exposes the collusion and corruption in government and big business that is costing us trillions of healthcare dollars, and keeping us sick.

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Game Changer Trailer

A UFC fighter learns everything he'd been taught about protein was a lie.

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Full Lecture from True North Health

Watch and learn as Dr. Alan Goldhamer, founder of TrueNorth Health Center talks about the top 10 things we can do to get healthier, live longer, and not be all sickly when we are older. This guy is heroic in his commitment to helping people discover good information about health and well being. We support his foundation and believe in his wisdom.

Secret of Water Trailer

Water - a living substance, the most common and least understood. It defies the basic laws of physics, yet holds the keys to life. Known to ancients as a transmitter to and from the higher realms, water retains memory and conveys information to DNA. However, water can die if treated poorly. Influences such as sound, thoughts, intention, and prayer, as well as toxins such as chlorine, structure water's molecular arrangement-- affecting all it comes in contact with. Prominent scientists help reveal the secret of water, allowing us to use this amazing element to heal ourselves and our planet.