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Our Yoga Alliance Certified 200hr Yoga Teacher Training offers an opportunity for self growth with the support of like hearted individuals.  This course is anyone who desires personal development, tools  to develop your own personal practice, or to step into your calling as teacher and guide.


We will explore yoga history and philosophy, anatomy, alignment, Ayurveda, healing arts and more while tapping into the expansiveness of this practice. The experience will be richly informative, empowering and inspiring.

course outline

200-Hour Curriculum uniquely blends the history and philosophical teachings of yoga with the essential components of asana, anatomy and sequencing. While the curriculum is stacked for an immersive learning experience, the delivery is hands-on and personalized, encouraging a well-rounded approach to developing both your personal practice and your teaching skills.

The training is specifically designed to help you:

  • Advance your study of asana (including proper alignment, benefits, and contraindications of the physical postures)

  • Understand the principles of anatomy and body mechanics

  • Explore the science and art of sequencing

  • Learn and practice hands-on adjustments

  • See and interpret how energy moves through the body

  • Use props to improve or modify a posture

  • Cultivate your voice, both as a teacher and as an individual

  • Build confidence through practice teaching

  • Gain a broader understanding of yoga history and philosophy

  • Learn and define the Sanskrit names of postures

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course dates

January 2021
3 months
10 weekends

If you have wondered..

I have always felt different, and Yoga feels like home, why is that?
Where does science and spirit meet?
Is there a better way to manage my life that is applicable in all areas (business, family, personal relationships)?
How can I best show up for myself, others, and the world?
How can I learn tools to lessen my suffering?
What is required of me to be the best teacher?
How can I relinquish control and at the same time have goals?

Bridge Over a Lake
Modern Dance Teacher


Experience and Expertise...

Liz Suchinda, Lead instructor

Vinyasa, History, Philosophy & Life Skills

Liz is your primary teacher and has lead yoga retreats, yoga workshops and trainings. She has been certified and teaching since 2010, teaching a variety of classes ranging in levels of intensity and recently received an additional 300 Hour Certification in Goa, India 2019.

"My passion is to teach life skills through the lenses of yogic philosophy and holistic wellness.  I offer tools that help my students create the life and experiences they want on a level deeper than their current reality.  I hope to continue to engage with others of like mind and who have a desire and longing to get to know themselves better."

Mary Stewart, Guest Instructor


I am dedicated to the creation of a profoundly peaceful, healthy and spiritually awakened community; and to holding sacred space for individuals to discover the vitality and wholeness already within them. 

As a provider, I focus on how my own experiences and practice can inform my creativity and compassion in my work, and in what ways I can authentically and with integrity use all my gifts and experiences in supportive relationships with my clients. Support is most often provided through therapeutic private sessions for individuals with a wide variety of physical, mental and emotional challenges. Additional teaching formats include group classes, clinical settings, intensives, workshops, and retreats. 

As a student, I consider myself to be at the very apex of a lifelong study of yoga, continuing to deepen my experience and striving each day to apply the principles of yoga to my own life. 

Dr. Madrigal, Guest Anatomy Instructor

Naturopathic Family Medicine

Dr. Madrigal specializes in natural medicine approaches to mental health, sports medicine, chronic disease.  She serves the community of Battle Ground, Ridegefield, Vancouver providing a wide range of alternative medicine services.  You can find her at the Battle Ground Healing Arts Center.

Saha, Guest instructor

Kundalini Teacher

Over the years Saha Devi had the good fortune to study with many exceptional and renowned yoga teachers, including Yogi Bhajan, the Master Yogi, who brought Kundalini Yoga to the West and promised Kundalini Yoga’s quick powerful results.  Saha Devi recalls her early opportunities to serve and study yoga in India as pivotal and deeply informed her life choices. She has been a teacher for over forty years with a Masters Degree in Fine Arts from UCLA and is a certified IKYA Kundalini Yoga teacher.



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