Who We Are

Dedicated to Wellbeing

Hello Beautiful Souls!

My name is Liz and I have been teaching yoga since 2010.  In the many years of teaching, I have felt the love and joy this practice fosters.  I have felt the connection to so many of my students and community.  Here, I would like to share a little about my perspective on health and wellness.


Most recently, I have been angry.  I used to shy away from this feeling, but I it is also a part of our human experience.  I am deliberately feeling this way as fuel.  I am angry that we have been lied to about what constitutes health as I see so many people sick, on medication, and barely surviving.  There already is a cure for so many of our ailments, and it's so simple.  It's choosing plant based foods (giving you all the protein you need) instead of animal products (that is literally killing most Americans).  It sounds dramatic, because it is.  I care so much for humanity.  I care so much for our ability to live a self sustaining high quality life that I can no longer stay quiet.  The food industry and big pharma don't want you to know, and the truth is even if you did know, you have become so dependent on drugs and the quick fix that you may not care.  I believe if you dive deep enough, you could feel that there is something very wrong with this scenario and perhaps start to question and educate yourself on how they don't want us to be well, but dependent.  You may dive deep enough to feel the anger, the grit, the determination that just might pull you into an awakening. 


Your life depends on it.



So, here is the thing.  Love yourself enough to decide you are worth a better quality of life.  Know the truth of what/who you are.  You come from the one creator who has given you free will to make deliberate choices about your well-being.  I will do my best to provide resources to help you along the process. 


I will hold space for you on your journey to optimal health.